Utilizing all options available to protect clients’ intellectual property rights against counterfeiting and other infringement activities.
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Intellectual Property Rights

What We Do

KalikLewin advises clients in various aspects of intellectual property law, including new trademark, copyright, and patent filings, as well as the international protection and enforcement of existing intellectual property rights (“IPR”). Whether a client is merely exploring the availability of a particular trademark, or seeking to combat the global trade of IPR-infringing products, KalikLewin’s expertise in administrative law, litigation, and international trade, gives the firm the ability to provide clients with a multi-faceted approach to protection. In addition to assisting clients in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings, the firm’s extensive experience before the International Trade Commission, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the International Trade Administration, the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization and various other U.S. and foreign agencies and courts, uniquely position KalikLewin to advise clients on global IPR protection strategies. Whether an alcoholic beverage producer wishes to trademark a new brand, a manufacturer wishes to combat the trade of counterfeit or grey market goods, or a biotechnology company seeks to patent a new invention, the professionals of KalikLewin are equipped to counsel clients in how to best establish and protect their IPR.

How We Help Clients

KalikLewin assists clients at every level of the intellectual property right (“IPR”) establishment and protection process. In addition to regularly conducting routine U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings, the firm maintains relationships with key U.S. and foreign agencies dealing with IPR and consumer protection, giving KalikLewin the ability to creatively coordinate IPR enforcement across agencies and across borders. For clients fighting the international trade of IPR-infringing products, KalikLewin has the ability to bring infringers’ activities directly to the attention of U.S. and foreign Customs officials, enforcing clients’ IPR rights before infringing goods are able to enter the market. The firm also advises clients in taking a proactive approach to IPR enforcement; in addition to establishing and protecting rights after infringement has occurred, KalikLewin advises clients in how to design their production, packaging and distribution so as to strengthen their IPR rights for swift enforcement against future infringement.